Treatments and costs

A professional and friendly service

We are an experienced and fully qualified podiatry practice
that offers a wide range of treatments depending on your
specific needs.

General treatment£30

A general appointment consists of:

  • Nail cutting 
  • Treatment of problematic nails (thick toenails and ingrowing toenails) 
  • Reduction of callous (hard skin) 
  • Removal of corns  
  • Treatment of verruca’s 

Biomechanical assessment£30

Full biomechanical assessment to determine the causes of foot pain, lower limb pain or associated pressure lesions. 

Domiciliary visits£30

Home visits are available for patients who find it difficult to come into the clinic.

We still offer the same friendly, experienced service in the comfort of your home.  


We offer a variety of Orthotics services.
Details on these can be found here.

Generic orthotics – £10

Generic orthotics could be offered after a biomechanical assessment or routine appointment to improve biomechanical of the foot and alleviate foot and lower limb pain.

Custom made – £150

Custom made orthotics could be required if the biomechanical assessment showed the necessity for a bespoke orthotic. 

Extra time – £30

An extra 30 minute fitting and prescription appointment would be required.

Full package – £200

A biomechanical appointment, fitting and prescription appointment and the custom made orthotic.